Jocelyn Pinet wrote numerous articles for a variety of publications. He has also authored or co-authored 5 books that have as a common thread to help readers think about business or personal development issues and identify areas for improvement.

Human Nature

Are your ideas spreading like burdock? Does your environment make you grow like a goldfish? In your arguments, do you use rock logic or water logic?

In this book, Jocelyn Pinet uses thirty metaphors from nature to help us understand human behavior. A booksellers’ favorite at its release, it saw more than five thousand copies sold.

Available at Renaud-Bray

Be Bold (business edition)

Oser - Be Bold

In collaboration with Olivier Bouleau, Jocelyn Pinet wrote this practical guide for organizations to help individuals and teams move bold projects along. Be Bold, the Practical Guide, contains many exercises that help think and progress on different paths to carry out bold projects.

The book is part of a method which includes a deck of cards that question players on their behaviors and beliefs. Based on co-development, the objective is to better identify strengths and limitations and engage more quickly in action.

To order one or more copies, contact Jocelyn Pinet directly.

…or buy it online on the Be Bold website

OSER (general public edition, in French only)


The business edition of Be Bold is also available in a general public version. Same as the business version, the book presents 12 analogies with nature but rather than a series of exercises, it offers 12 questionnaires to help you dive into yourself. It also includes a set of 60 detachable cards to deepen your reflection, build on your strengths and identify areas of progress. The cards can be used on your own, with family, as a couple or at work.

See your bookseller to order a copy - ISBN 9 782922 417975

Increasing service quality; a practical guide (in French only)


In collaboration with Daniel Lacombe, Jocelyn Pinet wrote this book to help organizations improve the quality of their service. Published when the subject was still in its infancy, the book was a real success, the authors having sold more than 10,000 copies. The book is no longer available from booksellers, but some copies are still available from the author.

Magazines and newspapers (in French only)

Over the years, Jocelyn Pinet has written numerous articles for various magazines and newspapers. Although some of these texts go back to the beginning of this century, the principles remain the same and are perfectly relevant and applicable today. Here are some examples (PDF):

Articles for the magazine Vivre

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Gestion, la revue des HEC Montréal
Cet article de fond a été écrit par Jocelyn Pinet, en collaboration avec André Coupet, associé-fondateur de Secor Europe.

Le journal Les Affaires

5 principes clés pour le gestionnaire de demain

Forum qualité - Une publication du Mouvement Québécois de la qualité.

Virage qualité dans les hôpitaux : leaders demandés

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