Event design and facilitation

In all his interventions, Jocelyn Pinet combines two main roles.

Whatever messages you want to communicate, the first goal is to make sure they are understood. Over the years, Jocelyn Pinet has acquired and developed multidisciplinary skills that he uses and combines to take on different roles depending on the context of the intervention and the target audience. This diversity of approaches has the effect of energizing the presentation: it gives the participants various ways of understanding the messages and own them more easily.

The role of pedagogical consultant

Recognized for his ability to work with groups ranging from 50 to 5,000 people, Jocelyn Pinet developed innovative teaching methods and tools to build real exchanges with the participants, regardless of the number.

He supports you in the preparation phase of your event by using his knowledge of group dynamics and human learning and develops with you a process by which to achieve your objectives.

The architecture of the event, the articulation of the sequences and the facilitation tools used enable participants to react to the messages, stimulates dialogue and helps participants own the messages so that they can quickly take action.

The role of facilitator

With your objectives in mind, Jocelyn Pinet develops a scenario that integrates different activities: intervention of managers, external actors, interviews, content input, tele-response, computer graphics, videos, workshops, and other means to accelerate individual and collective progress.

Jocelyn Pinet creates a relationship of trust and proximity with the participants and encourages exchanges with them and between them. He reacts to situations that occur, uses unexpected situations and launches discussions and deepens points of view to move the group’s reflection ahead.

He pays close attention to the rhythm of activities and creates an atmosphere where prevails the pleasure of being together and the quality of the experience. The contributions of content, interactions, workshops and other tools are linked in a pedagogical progression that supports your objectives.

The participants experience a coherent event with strong messages which often marks an acceleration in the the company’s or the project’s history.