Consulting services

Jocelyn Pinet supports many organizations that have embarked on important change projects, whether it be mergers, enhancing the quality of the customer experience, managerial development, developing talent or any other project that impacts the organization and its employees.

Jocelyn Pinet's experience as a Sales, Marketing and Operations Manager combined with nearly 30 years of consulting experience enables him to support you in building an effective change management process and to help you efficiently steer the change you wish to create.

By giving you access to a pool of best practices gathered from his international clientele, he allows you to accelerate the transformation and have it rapidly adopted it by the stakeholders.

Jocelyn Pinet also works with leaders of public organizations to help them articulate and communicate effectively their messages. Over the years, he has contributed to major public reflections and to citizen participation on key social issues. He has worked with many communities to support them in exercises of public consultation for local, provincial and national government bodies, including events such as:

  • The Quebec and Youth Summit
  • The Environment Summit
  • The International Summit of Cooperatives
  • The Biotechnology Summit
  • The Northeast Summit of America
  • The MRC de la Gaspésie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine
  • The MRC Antoine-Labelle
  • The Quebec consultation on social acceptability

As well as many small and large municipalities.