International conferences

Having worked with business leaders around the world in the search for solutions to their organizational challenges, Jocelyn Pinet developed a thorough knowledge of issues facing organizations and has you benefit from his observations.

Because he works both with multinationals and with small and medium-sized companies, Jocelyn Pinet knows how to adapt his speech and his examples so that they find resonance no matter the size of the organization.

He therefore communicates elements of reflection resulting from his experience in many spheres of activity and in several different cultural realities, providing additional insights to stimulate reflection and actions from your participants.

With his lively and interactive style, he puts to contribution the intelligence and experience of the participants so that his messages can both resonate and reason. Convinced of the strength images can have, he illustrates his words with strong visuals, metaphors and everyday examples that communicate simply what are sometimes complex issues.

Jocelyn Pinet presented conferences in English and in French to audiences ranging from 50 to 5,000 people from all kinds of backgrounds. He is accustomed to addressing multicultural audiences and is particularly sensitive to this fact and knows how to modulate his messages accordingly.