A consultant in phase with the issues facing organizations

Jocelyn Pinet is a Canadian consultant who, for nearly 30 years, has helped businesses align their culture and behavior with their strategic goals.

An expert renowned for his real knowledge of international audiences, Jocelyn Pinet works closely with a large number of executives in America, Europe and Asia to help them cope with their most important challenges:

  • Rally their management team, management, staff and sometimes their clients and communities.
  • Mobilize the forces that will enable them to move forward, reinvent the organization and realize its full potential.

In a world where organizational challenges are increasingly complex, his experience gives him the ability to establish a true common understanding and complicity with the leaders he accompanies.

Recognized for his imaginative talents, his dynamism and his pragmatism, he has worked with organizations from all sectors of the economy operating around the world. Jocelyn Pinet uses innovative approaches that draw on participants' intelligence and experience to create a powerful encounter with a real impact on their future actions and those of their organizations.

In the 80’s, he held the positions of Director of Operations, Sales Director and Marketing Director on behalf of Canadian companies involved in retail, import and distribution. As a consultant to the Quebec Quality Movement, he was one of the pioneers of customer service in Quebec. A founding member and president of Dimension Clientèle, the Quebec Association for Customer Service, he designed and taught the first submariner university course in customer service at Laval University and was a member of the International Service Advisory and Quality Forum in the United States. He is a consultant to the Technomedia Cegid Group to help their clients better understand the impact of technologies on the management of organizations. He is also an advisor to the Institut du Nouveau Monde on topics related to the concept of social acceptability.

His views on the challenges faced by organizations are often solicited by the media and he has frequently been interviewed on major television and radio stations in Quebec and elsewhere.